Site designs respond to the particular challenges and opportunities of each project with a common goal: to create elegant solutions that are highly functional, sustainable, and engaging.   From urban streetscapes to campus open spaces, contextual designs create places that reflect their surroundings and encourage interaction, introspection, or creative expression, rather than drawing attention to themselves. 


We collaborate with clients, users, engineers, architects, contractors, landscape architects, artists, sustainability advisors, public officials, budget minders, conservationists, fabricators, artisans, maintenance personnel, and specialists in any discipline.


JOAN HYDE  founded Resource Design in 1993 with the intent to restore and integrate natural systems with human use.  Before returning to her Texas roots, she was a senior landscape architect for Carol R. Johnson & Associates in Boston, received her MLA degree from the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources, studied biology and art as an undergraduate and taught science at an international school.


Certified as a City of Austin WBE and State of Texas HUB firm.